Thin Waxed Cotton Laces (2 Pairs) | Slate Grey
Thin Waxed Cotton Laces (2 Pairs) | Slate Grey

Thin Waxed Cotton Laces (2 Pairs) | Slate Grey

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  • 2 pairs of premium, 100% waxed cotton shoelaces with clear aglets.
  • Versatile 2mm diameter is perfect for most men's casual and dress shoes including oxfords, brogues, and bucks.
  • Swap out your current laces to give your shoes a new look, whether you're replacing an old pair or adding a pop of color
  • Waxed cotton resists fraying and laces easier than non-waxed laces.

Our waxed shoelaces pair well with almost any shoe in your wardrobe. Standard (2 mm) laces are great for most occasions, though thin (1.5 mm) laces can be used for a more formal look. If you wear your shoes extra hard, we recommend using our extra-durable 2.5 mm synthetic laces.

Suggested lengths in the guide below depend on the fit of your specific shoes as well as personal preference.

6 Eyelets: 33" or 36"
5 Eyelets: 30", 33" or 36"
4 Eyelets: 30" or 33"
3 Eyelets: 30"