Oiled Leather Slip-Through | Oxblood

Oiled Leather Slip-Through | Oxblood

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  • Crazy Horse, Pull-Up Leather
  • Slip-through military style one-piece design
  • Polished Stainless-Steel Hardware
  • Cream Stitching

Military-inspired and effortlessly cool, the Benchmark Basics Crazy Horse Oiled Leather Slip-Through Watchband is the perfect balance between a traditional leather band and a sporty nylon strap.

Its versatility complements anything from dress watches and divers to field watches and fliegers. Infused with waxes and oils, "Crazy Horse" leather has unique shading variations that create texture and depth. The leather also has a pull-up effect where shifting oils cause colors lighten as the leather is bent and manipulated.

At 1.5mm thick, the strap is thin enough to easily slip between spring bars, but feels substantial on the wrist to balance out the weight of your watch. Pick it up in multiple colors and swap straps to fit any occasion.