Oiled Leather Slip-Through | Black
Black Oiled Crazy Horse Leather Watchband on Seiko SKX007
Black Oiled Crazy Horse Leather Watchband on Seiko SKX007

Oiled Leather Slip-Through | Black

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  • Crazy Horse, Pull-Up Leather
  • Slip-through military style one-piece design
  • Polished Stainless-Steel Hardware
  • Cream Stitching

Military-inspired and effortlessly cool, the Benchmark Basics Crazy Horse Oiled Leather Slip-Through Watchband is the perfect balance between a traditional leather band and a sporty nylon strap.

Its versatility complements anything from dress watches and divers to field watches and fliegers. Infused with waxes and oils, "Crazy Horse" leather has unique shading variations that create texture and depth. The leather also has a pull-up effect where shifting oils cause colors lighten as the leather is bent and manipulated.

At 1.5mm thick, the strap is thin enough to easily slip between spring bars, but feels substantial on the wrist to balance out the weight of your watch. Pick it up in multiple colors and swap straps to fit any occasion.

    "Crazy Horse" Leather

    Crafted from high-quality cowhide, the band will develop a rich patina with wear as its is exposed to sun, rain and sweat. Light shades like Sand and Tan will develop a deeper patina faster than dark colors. All bands start out relatively stiff then quickly mold to your wrist for a custom fit.

    Form & Function

    Easily change between NATO and Zulu style straps without the need for specialized tools. The single pass, slip-through design prevents damage to your watch. Unlike 2-piece bands where the release of a spring bar results in your watch falling to the ground, a NATO band secures your watch by each spring independently. Whether you're sitting in the office or hiking up a mountain, you can rest easy knowing that your watch will stay with you wherever you go.

    Leather Care & Wear

    In addition to softening and molding to your wrist, leather watchbands naturally stretch and flex as they break in. As a result, you will likely move to a smaller hole after a few weeks of wear. Tuck excess length back under the keeper loops for maximum comfort.To maintain the color and keep your watchband looking new, use a damp rag or leather conditioner to spot clean. Avoid excess water, which can darken the band and cause color transfer. Lightly oil your NATO when it begins to feel dry to avoid cracking.