Ballistic Nylon 2-Piece Zulu | Black

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  • Double layer, premium ballistic nylon is firm yet comfortable for daily wear
  • Zulu style in a versatile 2-piece strap that feels lighter on the wrist--no extra layers underneath your watch
  • Rugged hardware in thick brushed stainless steel keeps your watch securely fastened to your wrist
  • Waterproof so it can go anywhere or do anything. Heat sealed edges prevent fraying
  • Included Spring Bar Tool and extra spring bars let you easily change straps
  • Compatible with most regular and smart watches

All the style of a regular single-piece Zulu, but now in a standard 2-piece watchband.

Benchmark Basics' 2-piece Zulu strap gives your watch a rugged, sporty look, but with a lower profile than a standard Zulu since your watch lies against your wrist as opposed to two layers of nylon. As a result, it is compatible with most smartwatches as it won't cover the heart rate monitor.

Double thick, 2.4 mm ballistic nylon starts out firm, but molds to your wrist for a custom fit that is comfortable for daily wear. Rugged 3 mm stainless steel hardware is available in both brushed and PVD (black) finishes to suit your style.

Each watchband is sewn with abrasion-resistant synthetic thread, has heat-sealed edges for enhanced durability, and is 100% waterproof.

All 2-piece Zulu watchbands include a spring bar removal tool that you can use to change out your old watchband. We also include two extra spring bars just in case you lose one in the process—emphasis on "spring."

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