Knit ties can bridge the casual to the dressy. The 2.5" width pairs well with everything from skinny lapel suits to chunky cardigans while the basket-weave adds subtle texture that elevates any outfit.

Silk and wool will both give you a knot that won't easily slip but fills out a spread collar. Wool will give you a little more texture a slightly larger knot. Silk is slightly less bulky and works better with light-weight summer clothes.

Benchmark's knit ties are great for travel: solid colors work with any shirt color or pattern; roll them up to store or pack, and they'll come out looking new.

The tight basket-weave resists loose threads and drapes better than other knit ties (lesser-quality silk and wool, cotton, or polyester). Our focus on quality means that your tie will look just as good the first time you wear it as it will a year from now.