Minimalist<br>Dark Brown Horsehide Chromexcel
Minimalist<br>Dark Brown Horsehide Chromexcel

Dark Brown Horsehide Chromexcel

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Handmade in our Brooklyn, New York workshop, the minimalist strap is unlined for added comfort and is designed to showcase the natural variation and depth of the leather

  • 5.5oz (2.2mm) full-grain Horween Chromexcel leather known for it’s strong pull-up and durability
  • Medium tempered combination chrome and vegetable-tanned for added durability and water
  • North of Cordovan” horsehide has a denser fiber structure than cattle leather, making it less prone to stretching
  • Dark brown grain with a mid brown pull-up that ages to a beautiful patina
  • Wrap stitched with cream waxed linen thread
  • Edges are burnished with wax to protect from wear
  • Stainless-steel buckle and 2 free floating keeper loops
  • 2mm taper from lug to buckle (e.g. 22mm to 20mm)
  • 75mm buckle-end and 125mm long-end with 8 holes